PERSONAL: Why have a link blog?

Posted on October 27, 2007. Filed under: Blog, Personal |

A few people have asked me why I now have a link blog (URL here, RSS here). There are a few reasons.

The main reason is the signal to noise ratio. Here on my main blog, I like to keep the S/N ratio pretty high. I try to consider posts carefully before posting them, and will generally stand by my assertions (unless proven wrong, in which case I’ll happily recant). I’d like to think that my main blog here has a high level of credibility. That’s why you only see a few posts here every week or so, and they include a variety of topics.

But over on my Link blog it’s a different story – the noise can be high. I call it my Link blog because that is what I primarily do – simple linking to things that I find interesting. It is often just a book-marking tool for me. And, I tend to rattle off pronouncements without too much thought (example). I’m full of opinions (aren’t we all) and am happy to trot them out on the Link blog. Already this month I have around 70 posts for example. The content is almost entirely technology related.

Additionally, adding my Link blog has been quite liberating. I have a huge backlog of partially written blog posts, all waiting for me to put in the necessary checking, consideration and review before posting on my main blog. The result: hardly any have seen the light of day, and probably never will. But now with my Link blog I’ll feel much more comfortable just pumping them out.

Thus, with those caveats explained, please feel free to subscribe to my link blog as well. I welcome comments.


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One Response to “PERSONAL: Why have a link blog?”

RSS Feed for Craig Bailey on Microsoft Comments RSS Feed

I use for ‘useful’ links – I have a few people subscribe to that feed.

The beauty of using is that it’s easy to find them again… I don’t have to trawl through a feed.

And anything not too useful, I just twitter them.

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