VFP: Goran Zidar’s TabMenus

Posted on February 13, 2007. Filed under: Visual FoxPro |

Goran Zidar, a Melbourne based VFP developer, emailed me a prototype of his TabMenus tool. Basically it emulates an Office 2007 style ribbon in VFP. He asks whether there might be interest in him and his colleagues extending it and making it available to the community?

You betcha is what I said.

From TabMenus

Download the prototype here (note, no code just a simple demo at this stage) and post a comment on this blog if you’d like to see more. Hopefully if there’s enough comments we can convince Goran to get an enhanced version onto VFPx sometime soon.

From TabMenus

And Goran, we’d love to see you blogging mate…


I’m looking forward to meeting some of Goran’s colleagues at OzFox :-), unfortunately he can’t make it himself 😦

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3 Responses to “VFP: Goran Zidar’s TabMenus”

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That’s very cool indeed.

Yes ! I’m interested… but would like to know a few more details about the technique he used.
What technique is he using to create the gradient effects ?
Is it a real toolbar ?
Is he using some predefined BMPs and using them as masks ? Or using GDI / GDI+ to create the images on the fly ?

Many people have done big efforts creating OFFICE style menus, like Craig Boyd, with an Active-X of the .NET menus, Herman Tan, http://www.bdurham.com/vfprocks/hermantan/downloads.htm , with his “Owner Drawn Menus”, creating menus with API codes, Rafael Lippert, http://www.lipsil.com.br , using GDI+, with an interesting class that adapts any MPR to an OFFICE style menu, Luis Navas, with his popup menus. I can’t forget to mention Alex Grigorjev, with his commandbars library, http://www.arg.kirov.ru/

We have already many different aproaches, and it would be great to discuss about which of them would be the best or easier to implement.

Looks nice but hard to tell how developer-friendly it is at this point.

Goran is a smart cookie so I’m sure that he has made it very useable.

I’m now going to find out why he isn’t coming to OzFox! If I’m coming straight from Southern W.A. on no sleep, I don’t see how he can claim to have a valid excuse!

Well Duhhh! Of course I’d like to see more. Every FoxHead should be shouting for more. This is an example of the kind of things that M$ should be doing to VFP but simply refuse to. A facelift to the VFP IDE and our VFP apps would go a very long way to make the FOX cool. Now its up to guys like Goran, Alex G., Herman T. and gang to show us how.

Stop teasing us 🙂 Pleaseeeeeee…

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