VFP: Using Microsoft Connect to log FoxPro issues

Posted on October 13, 2006. Filed under: Visual FoxPro |

You may have read Milind’s October letter where he mentions how to log feedback on the SP2 CTP. He links to the Connect site here: http://connect.microsoft.com

It can be difficult to navigate however, so here’s a quick summary of how to get through the maze that is… Microsoft Connect.

Summary: go here to search, go here to lodge feedback, click here to view FoxPro items

Note 1: you will need to log in using your Microsoft Live ID if you want to give feedback.

Note 2: if lodging feedback use the ‘Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP1’ Version dropdown on this form (after logging in).


For anyone who’s interested, here’s a run down of how I got through the maze…

Go to http://connect.microsoft.com/

Sign in with your Microsoft Live ID (old Passport)

Now you can go to the My Participation page:


From here it is not very intuitive – you need to check the available connections:


Scroll dwn a bit and choose ‘Visual Studio and .NET framework’ (this was noted in Milind’s September letter):


Click on the Feedback link to get to here:


You will now be able to perform a Search of existing items.

You can also use the Advanced Search page here:


You can search on ‘foxpro’ OR ‘vfp’ with this link:


In order to lodge feedback you can use this link (from Milind’s September letter):


Seems overly difficult right? I hope I’ve missed something really obvious, because it took me a while initially to do a search on FoxPro issues (earlier tonight I was searching for SP2 installer issues…). What is good though is their timeframes on some resolutions (eg see this one).


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2 Responses to “VFP: Using Microsoft Connect to log FoxPro issues”

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Hi, I’m Mike Van Snellenberg (lead developer at Microsoft Connect). Sorry you found it difficult to get around! We’ve had a lot of suggestions about how we can improve the “My Participation” and “Available Connections” experience (here’s a list). If you like one of these suggestions, or have one of your own, we’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, note that you can always go directly to the Visual Studio connection by navigating to http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/


Hi Mike,
Thanks for the comment.
I appreciate it.

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