LINK: Ray Ozzie article on simplicity

Posted on July 26, 2006. Filed under: Visual FoxPro |

An interesting article in yesterday’s Australian IT caught my eye. This article (here) on Ray Ozzie is interesting to me for the following reasons:
1. He promotes simple
2. He is a people person
3. He is honest about the challenges that Microsoft face
However, the reason I link to it here is because I was wondering what possible piece of software they could easily bring with renewed vigour to the masses. Say perhaps to the developer space. Something very simple, yet reliable and powerful, something proven, something that doesn’t have huge hardware requirements, something that interfaces iwth all their other products, something they could revamp or develop quickly, something that could return significant ROI with just a little tweaking of how it is licensed… yeah, you can see where I’m headed right?

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One Response to “LINK: Ray Ozzie article on simplicity”

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You said a magic word, Craig: licencing.

For sure one of the reasons MS “deemphasizes” VFP is because the licensing doesn’t provide residual income like movie and TV reruns do.

I would be willing to pay more for VFP if that was what it took for it to be mainstream. But it won’t happen, which is too bad, because there is already too much invested in other approaches by MS and other developers.

BTW, the FoxTabs concept is great. A good .NET idea well implemented. Thank you.

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