RAM: Fixed my XP hibernate issue with 2GB RAM

Posted on July 24, 2006. Filed under: Visual FoxPro |

I finally got around to fixing the hibernate issue on my notebook. XP has a known issue on notebooks with more than 1.5GB or RAM whereby it won’t hibernate properly. Rather it will wake up, stay warm, flatten your battery and then give you a ‘Insufficient system resources’ error in your system tray.
Now, the fix has been available for ages, by simply calling Microsoft Product Support and getting them to email it to you. But I have just never got around it to it. Anyway, I was heading out on the weekend and wanted to hibernate when I thought I’d just google the problem. Sure enough, someone has the hotfix generously hosted on their site. Downloaded it (here) and all is fixed. Why didn’t I do this months ago?

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2 Responses to “RAM: Fixed my XP hibernate issue with 2GB RAM”

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Hi Craig,

I had the exact same problem last year! When I reported this to MS-PSS, they could not believe this, and always speculated that my 2GB-memory tablet had hardware compatibility issues, though I explicitly told them that it definitely was an OS bug at least a defect.

Finally, after about 7 months, they released their first hotfix with KB Q909095.

My support engineer at MS Global Tech Support Centre in Shanghai, China told me that I might be the first person to report this bug to MS, hehe.


Update on this. Microsoft released an update to this same KB on the 15th August 2006


Personally it should have just been part of the monthly patches


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