VFP: SendaX renaming – my money is on VFP.Next

Posted on June 10, 2006. Filed under: Visual FoxPro |

The SednaX moving and renaming is an interesting exercise. I felt that the SednaX ‘brand’ was finally starting to catch on, but now they’ll have to start over. However, I can understand the reasons for the change.
As I’m sure you know, you can vote for the new name here. I voted for VFP.Next for two reasons:
1. It has a continuous quality to it, ie we won’t be wanting to change it again once VFP10 (the X in say VFPX) has been released
2. It has a dot in it (ie VFP dot Next) – I think this fits in nicely with Microsoft branding in general, so it is similar to say VFP.Net but has its own distinction
I wouldn’t mind betting that we see other community projects take a .Next moniker at some point (eg Atlas.Next) whilst they are being worked on
There is an small problem with using .Next though – that being that even though a project might be finished, just by virtue of having it on the VFP.Next CodePlex people might assume it is not yet ready. However, longer term I think this is better than people (by then using VFP 12 or whatever) looking at a VFPX project and wondering if it is outdated. Minor point, I guess.


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