VFP: SendaX renaming – my money is on VFP.Next

Posted on June 10, 2006. Filed under: Visual FoxPro |

The SednaX moving and renaming is an interesting exercise. I felt that the SednaX ‘brand’ was finally starting to catch on, but now they’ll have to start over. However, I can understand the reasons for the change.
As I’m sure you know, you can vote for the new name here. I voted for VFP.Next for two reasons:
1. It has a continuous quality to it, ie we won’t be wanting to change it again once VFP10 (the X in say VFPX) has been released
2. It has a dot in it (ie VFP dot Next) – I think this fits in nicely with Microsoft branding in general, so it is similar to say VFP.Net but has its own distinction
I wouldn’t mind betting that we see other community projects take a .Next moniker at some point (eg Atlas.Next) whilst they are being worked on
There is an small problem with using .Next though – that being that even though a project might be finished, just by virtue of having it on the VFP.Next CodePlex people might assume it is not yet ready. However, longer term I think this is better than people (by then using VFP 12 or whatever) looking at a VFPX project and wondering if it is outdated. Minor point, I guess.

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3 Responses to “VFP: SendaX renaming – my money is on VFP.Next”

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Hi Craig.

If you think of the “X” as “eXtensions” rather than the Roman numeral 10, VFPX makes more sense, IMO.


Hi Doug,

Yes, I agree.

Thinking about it though, I’d also add that I think having the SednaX replacement site being thought of as just an extension to VFP might be a little limiting.
To me, the future of VFP lies largely in the hands of SednaX, ie much more than just a few add-ons.
We need to make sure the name reflects that.

I have to admit to being a little underwhelmed with the June CTP – I think there is much more happening on SednaX than there is within MS – I hope I’m wrong and pleasantly rebuked with their next release.


I would agree with you, Craig on feeling slightly underwhelmed.

I realize their focus is on Vista features, etc but even what was included in the My workspace isn’t very exciting.

Now then, if they take what Calvin’s been working on (the Multi-threading) piece and make it super-usable in the next build, that might make it a different story.

I think a lot of effort right now however may be going into SP2 which is critically important. They don’t need to worry so much about the UI pieces (SednaX will handle that, or so it looks like) – so they have to update the plumbing.

Myself? I just want an end to C5 errors or at least something that will help identify their root causes once and for all. That alone would be worth the price of admission.

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