SOFTWARE: Refactoring vs Maxfactoring

Posted on June 10, 2006. Filed under: Visual FoxPro |

noun, verb
1. the process of gradually improving the ‘look and feel’ of a software application in small chunks
2. partaking in the UX initiative of ‘results driven application surface design’
The result is aesthetic only, there is no change in functionality, performance, stability, scalability or reliability. Side effects include improved sales and perceived higher quality.
Usage (n): ‘The software team spent 3 weeks on the maxfactoring…’
Usage (v): ‘I spent some time maxfactoring my application today…’
an application can be described as having been ‘maxfactored’ once its visual appearance has been improved (ie the ‘user story’ has been enhanced)
Maxfactoring is a low cost, high benefit activity for software companies to apply, along with code refactoring, to software that is approaching functional completeness
(With apologies to a well known cosmetic company)
[See also Perception is everything]

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One Response to “SOFTWARE: Refactoring vs Maxfactoring”

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Interesting concept…so now we need a MaxFactor (boy, the lawyers are just getting itchy right now!) Wizard to go through an existing application and clean it up.

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