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Posted on November 26, 2005. Filed under: Visual FoxPro |

Yep, those mail box limits some companies set defy explanation
sg’s note in the comments about the 5.25″ backup cracked me up


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One Response to “LINK: Mailbox limits”

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The problem on the last 2 jobs I’ve been on ( 1 State Government, 1 private ), is not the space issue but the legal risk involved in retaining excessive emails.I came in on the tail end of a court order for all of a particular state divisions’ employees to scour their emails and documents for a 3 phrases and surrender them to the plaintiff attorneys. The state is now appealing that decision. Personally, I think 1 gigabyte is way too much. Look at the white collar cases Enron,Worldcom etc. Email presented as evidence was a big part of the state’s cases. Big tobacco’s, and even NASA’s been burned by email. In fact, Dr. Phil is about to loose his credibility simply for not dumping his emails. The company Im currently at (Global Financial), allows 2mb of for your mail box ( you can save stuff locally though) but they run everything thorough a filter for sensitive words. We have an employee in the deparment here whose sole job it is to read most emails external and internal to insure that they comply with federal state and local laws. Comapanies are very scared as they should be.

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