Missing my drums

Posted on January 31, 2005. Filed under: Visual FoxPro |

It is now over a month since I have played my drums (courtesy of our holidaying). I’m getting itchy fingers and feet. I’ve now started doing that annoying tapping on everything that drummers do when they haven’t played for a while.
Can’t wait to get back in and play through my old Racer X albums. The thing about drumming is that you can always get your hand speed back up quickly. But feet, they are different. Well for me anyway. The double bass speed will be the most affected. I tend to lose that quickly. My double bass drumming uses both ankle and calf techniques, with the ankle speed being the one you lose the most. The calf muscle is generally maintained by things like walking and climbing stairs, but the ankle strength requires constant practice.

Ahhhh, feeling a little better, just went and checked out some videos of my hero Virgil:
About 15 years ago (before he had relocated to the US) I was in a private masterclass with Virgil. I still have a photo of him and me at home. At the time I was so shy I couldn’t even pluck up the courage to ask for my photo to be taken with him. He noticed me standing awkwardly, holding a camera, came over and asked if I wanted a photo. I must have dribbled out some kind of affirmative response because he called over one of his crew, gave him the camera and asked him to take a shot of us. He wrapped his arm around my neck in a buddy hold and gave the thumbs up to the camera. Click.

[Note to self: next time you travel for extended times, atleast take a practice pad and sticks]


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One Response to “Missing my drums”

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Hah! I didn’t lnow that you played drums.

I did some gigs with Virgil years ago – he is technically awesome but I find (as do a LOT of people) that his feel is too sterile.

Maybe at the next OzFox we can have a jam night.

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